‘Twenty Twenty’ we all screamed once the clock hit 12 midnight on January 1st, 2020. The way we screamed, one would have thought the new year had some elixir in it. An elixir that’ll correct the past years and make our lives all nice and rosy but unfortunately 2020 had ‘other plans’.

Truth be told, we’ve all been through a lot this year, from a pandemic to an economic crisis, deaths, mental breakdown (if you didn’t have a mental health crisis this year, trust me; you don’t know what God has done for you) and many more.

It’ll be safe to say that we all lived with one form of fear or another this year. I had my own fears, concrete fears that never materialised (to Jesus be all my glory). To be very honest, my year was filled with tears, lots of tears, some weren’t even valid.

Also, there was confusion and it’s only safe to say that I may take some of that confusion into the new year. 2020 also witnessed heaven turning down my ‘important’ petitions and giving me what I never expected (it’s really funny how these things work sometimes). But most importantly, 2020 gave me joy and I’ll be ungrateful not to acknowledge that.

The year taught me how to breath. Yes, how to inhale and exhale effectively.

She taught me how to love, how to love fiercely. She taught me what love is and showed me what love looked like (safe to say; I know the colour of love and it’s not red).

2020 taught me how to take baby steps. She held my hands and we took those steps together. She whispered to me that ‘I’m enough’. She always reassured me that I’ll be fine. She made me do things I’d never done before. She made me understand that there’s something bigger than I could have ever imagined, something who made sure I never dashed my foot against a stone. Something who saw me through every single crisis. Every single teardrop.

My 2020 didn’t go as planned. Not at all. But she changed my perspective. She made me see other things were important. Things I never thought were important. She broadened my mind. She was good to me while I became self aware. She gave me wonderful music. She gave us all wonderful music. She gave us amazing books too. She made us realise that the life we live is actually nothing because it can be snatched in less than a second. Most of all, she made me to laugh hard. Perhaps too hard, but it was worth it.

Every waking moment of 2020 was absolutely worth it. It was an amazing year and I’m grateful for so many things and so many people (you know Yourselves).

Thank you guys for everything. Ya’ll do the most.

Thank you 2020 for this amazing opportunity. I still hope your remaining hours bring good things my way just as it’s been doing.

May 2021 make us laugh hard and genuinely.



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