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Game of Draft




Thrill Your Users With Exciting Draft Game and Earn Revenue every time Your App is In Use. Get Your App Monetized with Google Admob Ads and Uploaded to the Google Play Store.

  1. 3D Draft Game UI/UX
  2. Google Admob Ads Monetization 
  3. Google Play store Upload
  4. One Month Free Technical Support 
  5. Monthly Account And App Optimization 
  6. App Deliver Within 12 – 24 Hours Intervals
  7. Start Generating revenue Into Your Google Admob Account Immediately. 
  8. Free Monthly App Promotion
  9. Free Google Admob Account PIN Verification and Approval.
  10. Regular Tutorial Update on the Academy restristed to Only App Owners. 

In All, You’ll get the Best Support System and Guidance to Successfully earn From Google Admob using Your Mobile App.  

Our Academy will give you free access to Useful Earning Tips and Tricks to boost Your Efficiency and raise your Earning Capacity.

Also, Our Live Chat System Gives you Unhindered access to 24/7 Support and Delivery System. We can set You Up even in the dead of the Mid-night.


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