If You are Using Your Smart phone for things that do not Generate an income then you are abusing your Device and Underestimating its abilities.

Every time I buy a New Mobile Phone or Personal Computer, I make Sure to use it in generating the Funds used for that Very Purchase so if You Did Not Know that your Mobile Phone or Computer Can serve as Your Online Office then you need to have a rethink.

Monetize Your Mobile Phone and time and Earn Over U$D 500+ at the end of January 2021 by Getting On board Our Google AdSense Click Earning Platform Where 2000+ Active Clickers Work together Everyday to generate revenue by interacting with Ads Affiliated Links. 

This would cause Google to Pay us for every single Page visit and Activity carried out on Our Dedicated website. I.e Each time Our website gets visited, We get Paid.

For those of You Who Have No Idea Of How google AdSense and AdMob Network Works, here’s a bit of background Information explaining the idea behind Google Ads and How People earn from it.

Firstly, AdSense is an Advertisment Network Owned by Google LLc just like AdMob and it’s major concern and Purpose is that of Advertisment. Simply put that AdSense is Google’s Advertisment Company where it helps advertise people’s businesses through it affiliate advertisers Websites and YouTube Channel.

The Major difference between both of them is that While AdSense helps Advertisers Make Money through Websites and YouTube Channels, AdMob enables Advertisers make Money through Mobile Apps alone. It therefore means then that if you own a Website, the best Avenue to monetize it with ads is through Google AdSense.

If You have Ever Come across a Website Which Displays Sponsored advert banners or videos then you’ll Understand What I’m talking about.

Usually, Big Businesses are In need of Publicity and Advertisment so they approach google and reach an Advert deal since google happens to be the Number One tech and advert Giants around the globe.

Now For Google to effectively be able to meet the advertisement needs of these Businesses, it has to Enter Into another deal with Website Owners. This time around, the deal will enable Google Display Ads on their Website for a Pay out, each time the Ads gets Viewed or Clicked.

Again, Website Owners are in need of Traffic and backlinks in order for them to generate revenue from google  

Now that brings us to the main Focus of Our Click Earning Project which is centered on Making Over U$D 800,000 Monthly from google AdSense and AdMob by Working together in Making Frequent, real and Valid Clicks and Page Views.

Our Main Activities will revolve around Opening/Interacting with Web pages and Clicking of Ads Links which will in turn generate revenue into Our AdSense account.

All 2000+ participants Make between 30 to 40 Clicks/Page Views Per day which will sum up to Over 80,000+ Click Per day and 2,400,000+ Clicks Per Month.

With the above arrangement and activities in place, we should be able to generate a Whooping U$D 900,000+ at the end of each Month which would guarantee each Participant at least U$D500.

In Order to Comply with Google Policies and Regulations on the usage of AdSense to generate revenue, We would actually serve real and generic Content on the Pages which Would be Clicked or Viewed on the website.

Furthermore, we would use that opportunity to Educate, Entertain and Inform Ourselves on a Wide Variety of Subject matters through regular blog Posts and Articles as room would also be given for Those with Content creation skills to make Short Athletes as well.

Ultimately, this Promises to be a very Interesting Journey to earning revenue from Google AdSense as each and every participant would Own his/her Own Personal website and Earn from it, at the end of the day.

Every Modality and Requirement For the Successful implementation of this project has already been put in place and all you need to do is SIGN UP and get Started.

To Participate in this Program, All You need Is a

Mobile Smart Phone or Personal Computer

Fast Internet Connectivity (Less than 500MB)

Less than 3 Hours Daily

A Website (We will provide One)

An Entry fee of $20 will also be required in order to Facilitate the tools needed for the Program and also guarantee the serious and Active participation of everyone.

Since this Mission requires the Active Effort and Contribution of Everyone, the work progress of Each and Every participant will be Monitored and recorded for the Purpose of Evenly distributing reward when the time comes.


Frequently asked questions

This is a One Month Project with the aim of helping Over 200 People make U$D 500+ in 25 days and this would be made Possible Using The Google AdSense Earning System.

The Whole Process involves Viewing ads, reading articles and Playing Online ganes which would generate the said funds into Our AdSense account for equal Sharing.  

Yes this Project is Opened to Everyone Worldwide. Wherever You are in the World, you can Participate.

How To Register For this Program,

Step ONE

Kindly Click HERE.

Step TWO

Once the Page Opens Up, you’ll find a Page with a Product Package Named Monetize Your Phone.    

Then Next Click On Add To Cart 

When Your Cart Opens, Click On View Cart.

At this Point You will see your Invoice Summary simply Click on Proceed To Check Out. 

On the Next page , Fill Out your personal Details then proceed to the next page to Pay with Your Card. 

Once Your Payment is made, You’ll receive a receipt as well as a Verification email. 

If you don’t Have a Card, Contact Customer care for assistance on how to pay. 

We Will Never Ask You to Send Your Money To a Personal Account. Be warned of Fraudsters using our Platform for Thrift. 

The Registration Fee cost Only $20 for the Lowest Package and the major reason for your making payment is to enable the smooth Organization of the Project and Acquisition of various tools and equipment such as the dedicated Website, Domain, Hosting e.t.c

The Paynent will also guarantee active and serious participation. 

You’ll get Paid Directly Into Your Local Bank Account which You’ll submit while Registering.

Once the Program comes to an End, the reward will be paid out Instantly after receipt of Payment From Google. 

The platform is Simply and Advertisment based investment platform where members take advantage of our Advertising deals with google and other businesses entities to make money online


On the platform you earn in numerous ways and as such is a very dynamic platform


You can earn by visiting the platform on a daily basis. (Login Bonus)

You can earn when someone visits the site using your unique link. Whether they sign up or not. 

You also earn whenever a new sign up happens through your link. $3 and above bonus per sign Up. 

You also get paid when you participate in our Monthly Google Group earning which involves clicking google ads as a group. ($500 minimum pay)

Finally you get paid up to 50% commission for any digital product you happen to sell on the shop of the platform.

A smart Phone or Personal Computer 

Internet Data of less than 500MB

A Website For Carrying out all the activities.(will be provided)

Registration Fee of U$D10

Yes this is a Fully Functional Online Money Making Website which Offers You the Opportunity to Make Money From Google Ads and Other affiliated Ads network Link. There are basically Five Ways of earning on the Platform.


Still no luck? We can Help Out!

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