Mobile Applications As Digital Assets and How To Generate Revenue With Them.


Digital Assets can be just anything, so far as it generates Income For You Online.
★ A Website Blog
★ A Mobile Game or Utility Application
★ A Youtube Channel
★ A Fan Page
★ A rare Digital Skill e.t.c

On this Module, Our Focus Would be on Mobile Application Digital Assets and how they actually make Money.

With the advent of the 21st century and the New Digital era, mobile applications/softwares have received wide acceptance and usage with the proliferation of mobile phones and the internet.

We all Know that Mobiles apps/softwares are typically programmed to serve certain defined purposes.

E.g WhatsApp is designed to help People communicate seamlessly online.

BoomPlay App was designed to help you listen to music on the Internet without having to download the Music.

Truecaller App was Designed to reveal the Identity of Strange Numbers. The List goes on.

Asides the fact that these mobile apps/softwares perform specific tasks assigned to them, they also serve as digital assets to their Owners in the sense that these Apps generate a monthly income from active usage by people.

Mobile Apps/Softwares can generate some good income/revenue from three or more of these major ways viz;

★ in-app purchases for apps that offers values/products to be purchased,

★Advertisement deals with tech companies like google, Applovin, unity etc.

★ Affiliate Marketing Links

The above mentioned are only a few ways through which Mobile Softwares can serve as Income generating assets but the most Prominent of them all is the second One;- Google Advertisment.

Google Advertisment is Big business these days because almost everyone wants to be Showcased to the World and it cost Money.

Google Ads Monetization Works in a Pretty simple manner Which Allows Google to feature Paid Adverts On Mobile App and thereafter pays the Owner of the App, every time the Advert is being Viewed or Clicked.

With this, Mobile Apps Can be conveniently classified as Digital Assets because they are capable of generating Online income for Its Owner.

Summarily, Once you acquire a Mobile Application whether built by yourself or a Pro Developer, You automatically Own A Digital Asset capable of generating Constant revenue Online via Google Admob Advertisment Service.

Visit Our Digital Asset Store to Browser among a Wide Variety of Mobile Apps which can be Customized into your Own Income Generating Digital Asset.

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  1. Really Exciting read. This is really informative and I’m already having several App ideas in my head which I’m going to discuss with you guys. Thanks a whole lot.

    1. Wow, this post is an eye opener. I just realized the relevance of owning a digital asset in form of a mobile application this era. Thanks Own App Earn Money. I’ll be sure to purchase/own as many apps as possible so my 2021 gon’ be lit with Google payments as one of their mobile app advertisers.

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