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Our Investment Packages

Apart From Acquiring a Mobile App, Own App Earn Money Offers a Wide range of Investment Opportunities in Mobile Apps And Monetization. All Packages are For a Duration of One Month Except the Stakeholder Package. 


USD 350 Per Year
Save $70



USD 500 Per Year
Save $100

Most Popular


USD 1,000 Per Year
Save $200



USD $2,000 Per Year
Save $400



USD 5,000 Per Year
Save $1,000





Questions Investors Like to Ask. 


You Make a Payment from Your Pocket Only Once and that is the First time you Purchase a Package. Subsequent Payment will be made from the Profit you get. So technically, Yes. it is a One time Payment. 

Immediately After Payment, Your App would be developed and Monetized for You then Uploaded to the Google Play Store. 

We will distribute the Apps and head towards Our target. 

From then henceforth, you’ll begin to Monitor Your App payments and other activities through your google Admob Account and On the 21st of Every Month, Google Forwards Your Payment directly into your Local Bank Account.

Working at Own App Earn Money Doesn’t require any Complex tools, Skills or Qualifications.

All You Need Is 

• A Mobile Phone (Android or IOS) or A Laptop Computer.  

• Good Internet Connectivity 

• A Customized Mobile App

• timetable/ Work schedule 

•  Google Admob Ads Account.

       Once You Undergo The Basic 45 Minutes tutot as a Certified Google Advert Agent, You are Good to Go and Can Start Making as Much Money as You Want On a Daily Basis by Simply Allowing Companies and big businesses Feature advert on your App. 

Payments are Made directly to your Local bank account by Google L.L.c on the 21st of Every Month. We Do not Control or Give Out Payments.

We Only Develop Your App, Optimize Your Account and Link it to the App then distribute it and make sure it genders Revenue. 

Ultimately, Your Payment is controlled by you 100% and Comes directly from Google. 

To Get Started and Begin earning right now, Simply Sign Up to Our Platform and head Over to Our store to Purchase any Mobile App of Your Choice or Purchase any of the Investment Packages and let us Manage Your App Investment For You. 

The Two Major ways of Earning on this Platform Include; Purchase of Investment Pack and Purchase of Mobile App. 

When You Purchase a Mobile App, It is developed and Handed to you to begin earning. You are given maximum support and guide to aid you Cash Out Successfully. 

When You Purchase an Investment Package, you not only get App development and support but we also get to help manage Your Investment as if it were Ours. We ensure your success mandatorily as that’s the Only way we Profit off You as well.  

Whether You Purchase a Mobile App or an Investment Package, You get Paid On the 21st of Every Month and by Google. 

If You Start now, You sure would get Paid on the 21st of the Said Month You get started.