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An Investment Plan Enables You Earn From Our Automated Paid Ads System. Your Plan determines how much you get Paid Per Click and Ultimately how much you get paid per day. 




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Questions Investors Like to Ask. 


OWN APP EARN MONEY Offers an automated Paid ads System where users worldwide can earning up to $10 everyday Online by simply sharing and Clicking on Paid Ads. The System is Powered by the Google Ads Network. amazon Ads Network and Applovin.

The System is built on a High Quality and Efficient website where subscribers can Share and Click on Paid Ads Links and also channel real human traffic to the website in order to earn.

Once a day, you receive a Daily Login Bonus of up to $0.25 and each time a user signs ups using your link, you get $2 and the User gets $2 as Well. 

Each time Your Unique Affiliate Link gets a Click, you get paid up to $10 depending on your PLAN and every Weekend, you get In house Bonuses of up to $100 depending on your PLAN as well. 

You Make a Payment from Your Pocket Only Once and that is the First time you Purchase a Package. Subsequent Payment will be made from the Profit you get. So technically, Yes. it is a One time Payment. 

Activities like logging in daily and referring new members, gives revenue and sometimes you could find bonus funds in yourccount

It is Possible that there isn’t any active Plan on Your Account but there are Funds in your account. 

Activities like logging in daily and referring new members, gives revenue and sometimes you could find bonus funds in your account.

This is due to the fact that you can earn into your Wallet without a plan. 

However, for you to access the main Working Portal as well as place a Withdrawal from your account into your local bank or to your crypto Wallet, you MUST have an ACTIVE PLAN. 

Placing a Withdrawal is the Easiest thing to do on the Platform. Simply click Wallet Balance and then scroll down and click transfer. 

Enter the Amount You Want to Withdraw and put as recipient then leave your bank or crypto wallet details in the description then press send. 

Your Payment will automatically be verified and sent to you. 

After payment, your account gets activated and you are now able to generate and Click paid ads links to earn everyday. 

Working at Own App Earn Money Doesn’t require any Complex tools, Skills or Qualifications.

All You Need Is 

• A Mobile Phone (Android or IOS) or A Laptop Computer.  

• An Investment Package and Good Internet Connectivity 

Once you have the above, you are good to go and can start earning from our Auto paid ads System. 

Payments are Made directly to your Local bank account or your Crypto wallet. Depending on your choice. 

You can place withdrawal at any time of the day. So long as you have the required minimum balance of $50 (ksh 8,000)


You need only Your Mobile Phone to start earning from our Automated Paid Ads System.


create a Working account on the platform.

Activate Your Account by purchasing any of the PLANS. 


Locate Daily Task button from Dashboard then click it to Launch Your Affiliate Portal. 

If you purchased a PLAN, your portal will Open up Where you can start generating Your Unique Affiliate Links for promotion and earning. 

If you have not purchased a PLAN, Affiliate Portal Won’t Open up so you have to activate one plan.

The Primary Way to Earn From the Platform is by sharing Paid ads Links and Making Clicks.

Each Click made on your unique affiliate link generates anywhere between from $0.10 to $1, depending on the PLAN you activate.
This Means that the rate at Which your revenue grows, depends on your PLAN.
Refer to the Earnings Table below each investment plan to see your earning statistics depending on your PLAN.

When You Purchase an Investment Package, You get Paid anytime you request a withdrawal above $50

Withdraws are made 24/7 round the clock

At anytime When you have up to $20 in your wallet, you can withdraw.

. simply send your wallet balance to . Put your local bank account or Crypto wallet address in the description. Your payment will be made automatically on verification.

 Revenue that comes straight from the Google Ads Network as a result of the activities of all the subscribers of the platform collectively. 


Facebook Ads Revenue also contributes to how the platform generates Money to pay out. 



Third party Ads Deals also beings in Huge Revenue as we take advantage of our large Network to advertise for Companies and brands. 



Mobile App Development and Website Development also contributes to a huge part of the revenue we generate. 



Sales Of Digital Tools On the Shop Page of the Platform also accounts for a large Part Of the Platforms revenue. 



Affiliate Marketing for Companies with Good compensation plans are also one of the ways through which the platform generates revenue. 

Summarily, the platform has measures in place to cater for the constant pay out of its subscribers.