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Our Investment Packages

Apart From Acquiring a Mobile App, Own App Earn Money Offers a Wide range of Investment Opportunities in Mobile Apps And Monetization. All Packages are For a Duration of One Month Except the Stakeholder Package. 


Questions Investors Like to Ask. 


You Make Payment For Your Plan Once then start earning. Subsequent Payment will be made from the Profit you get Yes. So technically it is a One time Payment. 

Immediately After Payment, Your Earning Account would be activated and your Work Progress and Earnings would start displaying. 

From then henceforth, you’ll begin to Monitor   payments and other activities through your  Account and be able to request Payment when due. 

Working at Own App Earn Money Doesn’t require any Complex tools, Skills or Qualifications.

All You Need Is 

• A Mobile Phone (Android or IOS) or A Laptop Computer.  

• Good Internet Connectivity 

• An Activated Own App Earn Money Account

Once you acquire the above, you are good to go. Simply log into your account and share paid ads link to earn up to $1 for each click you make. 

Payments are Made directly to your Local bank account or to Your Cryptocurrency Wallet. 

Once You have a Minimum of $100 in your Account, you can place withdrawals or send your wallet balance to another user on the Network. 

You Do Not Need an App, Website or Youtube Channel to get started.

1. Create a Free Account on Our Platform. 

2. Activate Account by purchasing an Investment Plan. Then Go over to your dashboard and click Daily task to reveal your affiliate work portal.

3. When Your Affiliate Portal is Opened, Start generating paid ads Links and making Clicks. 

Your account will not be activated for work if You do not Purchase an Investment Plan. 

Simply Scroll to the Investment Plan Page and Select Purchase button under your desires Plan. You’ll then be taken to the Payment Page. Proceed to Fill out your personal information and Make Payment. 

You Can also Fund Your Wallet and then Use Your Wallet Balance to purchase your Investment Plan.  

The Platform is simply an Automated Paid Ads Platform Which Offers Paid Advertisement Investments Packages. 

When You Purchase an Investment Package, We Create a Portal for you on our automated System where you earn on Automation as Long as You Share Paid Ads Links and Make Clicks. 

From Your Portal, you can generate Paid Ads Links and each time you Make a Click, You get Paid up to $1. 

Whether You Purchase an Investment Package, you get paid Every Weekend or Monthly. Depending on Your package.

If You Start now, You sure would get Paid oVer the Coming Weekend or Month end. You decide Your Pay day. 

To Place Withdrawals, Simply Send Your Wallet Balance of $100 and above to and You’ll be Credited to Your Local Bank Account or In Crypto.

Alternatively, you can send your Wallet balance below $100 to Other Users on the Network.