How to Make Money Online;- Getting Paid to Click.



You Are Here Because You Want to Find Out How to Make an Income Online From Clicks

The Basic means through which You Can Make Money With Clicks is either by selling them to third Party or by channeling them to the Google Ads Network via AdSense or AdMob.

in this article, You’ll discover how you can really Make Money As an Individual from clicking and How you can be part of a Game changing Pay Per Click Project. 

85% of People who visit the Internet Everyday are always on the look out for One Way or the Other to make Money Online.

This isn’t surprising to Us at Own App Earn Money, as In fact we have Forecasted that the Numbers will Keep growing in the Coming Weeks and Months of the  Year, even as we approach another wave of COVID 19 Lockdown.

Generally Speaking, there are actually no real and feasible Platforms Which Offer Individuals Unrestricted access to make Money Online.

Most of the so called available Platforms are either Fraudulent Ponzi Schemes or Difficult Multi – Level Network Marketing schemes or Affiliate Marketing Programs that offer no real value whatsoever.

The Point is that We have no real, Tangible or Identifiable means of reliably making Money Online Whether in Africa or beyond and this is one of the Major reasons which has led to the Proliferation of Cyber Crime/Criminals because since there isn’t any clear cut pattern of actually making Money Online, everyone tries his/her Own Pattern of making Money Online.

Usually, Whatever Works for them is what they Adopt, regardless of the fact that it is illegitimate.

It With this Awareness that Own App Earn Money has birthed and Initiative known as “Pay to Click:-” A Platform which Would Provide micro Online jobs For its Members and Pay them for completing each job.

Just as the Name Implies, Pay To Click is a Platform where Users are Paid to Make Clicks on Provided Website Links as well as other Micro jobs.

The idea behind Paid to Click was Drawn from the Business Model of the Popular Google Ads Network;- Adsense but with some fine modifications.


On One Hand, You have Businesses and Individuals looking for real human Traffic for their blogs, YouTube channel, Fan Page e.t.c. These People will do anything just to have traffic sent to them because it will create awareness for their business and probably boost Sales. They wouldn’t mind Paying for every single traffic we send to them

On the Other hand, We have Internet users both young/Old who have Smartphone and lots of free time and internet data. Most of then will jump on the next available Opportunity to Make Money Online and that fixed the missing piece of our Business Puzzle.

Pay to Click as a Platform Functions to Link Up these two categories of People. (Business Owners and Active Internet Users).

By so doing, Active Internet Users can monetize their time and SmartPhone by being Paid for each click they make and Businesses can get the much desired Traffic by paying For as many clicks as they wish.

Active Internet Users Wins

Business Owners Win.

And The Platform Profits as Well.

Do You Want to Start an Online Business whose revenue is tied to Google Ads and Other Affiliate Network ?

Are You Tired Of Moving Your form One Unstable Online Platform to Another ?

Have You Lost funds in the past to Fraudsters and fake Online money Making Websites ?

Did You Wish You had Your Own Website Platform Where people come and sign up in order to make money Online ?

All Your Wishes have been granted as our team of Smart Developers are Out to Launch the biggest Online Money Making Platform the Internet has ever seen.

It will have so many Money making features which all other platforms have and also lack.

Now here is an Opportunity for You to not just be a Member of this said platform but also a Stakeholder and a Shareholder of the Platform.

The Platform’s Ownership Shares are Currently on sale and the prices are ridiculously insane.

One Single Share of 0.10% goes for only $3 And invariably, 1% will cost $30. The Minimum amount of shares You can purchase/hold is 5 Shares (0.50%) and the Maximum amount is 200 shares (20%). This means that no stakeholder of the Platform can own less than 0.50% of the Platforms shares or more than 20% of the platform shares. Over here, Equity and Equality rules is.

The Platform is Scheduled to Launch within the First and Second Week of March 2020 and therefore all interested stakeholders are expected to advance their own quota of the share Capital before the 14th of March 2021 or loose their Share application Permanently.

Purchase of Shares are Signified by the insurance of a BCH Token. (tokenized Shares)

This means that once you purchase your own shares, you’ll be issued with some amount of BCH powered Tokens in order to secure and indicate the Number of shares you Own.

The World is evolving and things are changing. Don’t just stand and observe Be actively part of the Change.

Love To Be a Joint Co Owner of the Platform ?

For as Low as $15 to $30, You Can become a Co Founder Of a Revolutionary Online Money Making Platform. 

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section and Feel Free to Ask

The Pay Per Click Platform is a Real Human Traffic Buy & Sales and and Advertisment Hub.

The Platform Gives Businesses the Opportunity to promote their Products or services and gives individuals an Opportunity to Make Money by Promoting businesses via clicks.

To Promote Your Product and services on the Platform, You would need to get an Ads Plan and to make Money On the Platform, You’ll need to tender real Clicks From Your Mobile Phone or Computer. 

There are a Multitude of Ways Through Which You’d be able to earn from the Platform. Some of them are;

• Pay Per Click

• Refer a Friend 

• Daily Login Bonus

• Fixed Deposit Investment 

• Pay Per View 

• Raffle Draws 

• Affiliate Marketing 

to be a Shareholder, you need to Own at least 0.50% of the total Shares. To Acquire Ownership shares, Click Here

 The Platform Makes Money through Google Ads and Other Major Ads Network. 

Selling Of Member Clicks is Another Avenue through Which the Platform Generates revenue. 

Registration Fees into the Platform is also a Primary Means through which the Platform also generates revenue. 

Advert Display and Promotions is also a major income generating Stream for the Platform. 

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