How It Works

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Own App Earn Money Offers an automated Paid ads Platform where users worldwide can start earning Online by simply sharing and Clicking on Paid Ads. The System is Powered by the Google Ads Network, Amazon ads and Unity. 


The Platform Providing a website where subscribers can channel real human traffic to and earn revenue daily according to their Package. 


Subscribers Promote the Platform with their Unique Affiliate Link and each time a click is made on the the link, it generates revenue for the affiliate depending on the Subscribers PLAN
Own App Earn Money is a tech Hub for digital asset development and management. It was Founded to help educate and Guide people on the best possible ways to make Money On the internet. Its major services revolves around Pay Per Click services, Software and Web development as well as Paid advertisement and Promotion.
On Our Platform, You Earn by sharing Paid Ads Links to Social media to attract real Human traffic. 
When You Sign Up to The Platform, Activate Your account by Funding it with a Minimum of $10.

Your Affiliate Portal Will be Immediately Opened and you can Generate Links to different blog Posts Which are to be Shared Out on Social Media. 

As Those Blog Posts gets Visited by real humans through Your Link, You get Paid up to $1 per click as Can be Monitored From Your Dashboard. 
 an App, Website or Youtube Channel to get started. 
1. Create a Free Account on Our Platform. 
2. Activate an Investment Plan  
3. Click On Daily task from your dashboard to reveal your work portal.
When Your Affiliate Portal is Activated and Opened, Start generating Links to Different Blog Post On the Platform. 
4. Share Your Links to Social Media and You Earn up to $1 For Every Click.
Your account will not be active for work without an investment plan
Admob is an advertisement Network owned by Google LLC. It’s primary function is to help businesses with advertising and publicity related services. Admob works closely with Owners of mobile applications; hence the opportunity to Own and earn with Your mobile Apps.
Admob provides a way for google to help app developers earn more money from their Apps.
Admob works by matching ads to your Mobile app based on the criteria you set in Your Admob Account.
These ads are created and paid for by advertisers/companies/businesses who want to promote their products or brand. 
In Essence Admob is a branch of Google which Pays You For Running ads on Your Mobile App. 

The amount of Money you earn from Our Platform depends on the Number of People Who see and Click Your Unique Links.. 

If One Click = $0.25, Four Clicks = $1.

If Forty Click = $10, Four Hundred Clicks = $10.

Every Member Determines his/her daily Income by Sharing Unique Links On the Internet as Far as Possible In Order to Attract More real Human Clicks which generates More Money. 

Own App Earn Money is a Digital Asset Management and development Agency. We carry out business activities and generation revenue via the flowing streams. 

1.Google AdSense and AdMob Ads Revenue. 

2. Local advertisement deals From third party. 

3. Mobile Application and Website Development deals. 

4. Affiliate Marketing For third Party Companies.  

5. Cryptocurrency trade and Mini activities.


With the Involvement of the agency in these Activities, it will be able to pay out its subscribers comfortably. 

App development varies in cost and this is because of the difference in various app functionalities.

Some apps are more sophisticated than the other so definitely would cost more for development.

You can get an app developed by our platform between the range of $45 – $3000

The cost depends on the sophisticated nature of the app you choose to have developed For You.

Note that the Price of your App has no relationship with the Amount of revenue you’ll generate from its ads monetization. 

Send us a mail with your app specification at

Yes. You offer a one time payment of $20 for your Account to be Activated and you start earning For Life. 

To Generate Affiliate Links which you would share in order to earn, you have to Log into your account then Click On Daily take and your affiliate Portal Will Open Up.

Note that If your account isn’t activated, your affiliate Portal will not Open Up.

Once you are in your affiliate Portal, You will be able to generate your unique link to any page of the platform by Copying Out the Page URL and then Paste in the Link Generator Space then click on Generate.

Your Unique link will be gentled which You can now share and earn.

Funding Your account is as easy as ABC. Simply Log In and then Click Wallet Button with a + beside it. You’ll be taken to another page. Scroll down and Fill in the deposit amount click next and fill out your personal information and then follow the Remaining Instructions to pay with Your Card or Bank transfer or in Crypto
Our services are 100% refund guaranteed in case of a deeming unsatisfactory customer service. This we offer our clients in order to maintain fair and trustworthy business dealings.
This right expires after a period of 30 days or If /When all Deliverables are met by Us.  

Unlimited Earnings From Paid Google Ads Network With No App or Website.

Start Earning Up to $1 Per Click as A Subscriber of Our Paid Ads Link Sharing Platform. All Revenue Comes directly from Google.

Earn a Lifetime Revenue From Our Automated Paid Ads System.

Want to be a Decentralized Shareholder of Our Platform, Kindly ? Kindly Check Out Our Investment Plans and select that Which Suits Your budget. Let your share earn revenue for you while you do Nothing. 

Earn From An Autonated Paid Ads System.

Your Smartphone has the Capability to Work and Generate revenue for you even while You are Inactive. Simply Sign Up and Pair You device with Our Automated Paid Ads System and start earning over $10 Daily.