Own App, Earn Money

Below is a List of Commonly asked Questions by Our Clients as well as detailed Answers which will help you understand us better, what we do and How we Operate. 

Own App, Earn Money is an Application and Advertisment Solution Platform Which Enables its Users Own Customized Mobile Apps and Make an Income From it via advertisment deals from Google Admob, applovin, Unity and Other Top Tech Firms. 
In Essence, Users of the Platform get to Own their Individual Mobile Phone Application and Make money From it. 
When You Sign Up to The Platform, Our Team of Efficient Programmers Immediately Build You an App Which allows advertisement to display while the app is In Use and Whenever these advertisements are viewed, an Income is generated.
This Income is generated from the company which pays for the advertisement.
I.e Companies need to advertise and so they pay app owners to feature adverts in their app and whenever these adverts get viewed, the app owners get paid.
Got that ?  
However, OAEM Helps You Build Your Income Generating App, Feature paid adverts on your app and help you Manage and Optimize Your Payments. 
Getting Started on this Platform is simple as A B C. All You Need to do is to Sign Up to the Platform, Own a Mobile Phone With Good Internet Connection, Get Your Own Income Generating App customized for you in less than 6 hours and BOOM! You Start Making Money as an Advertisement Agent for google EVERYDAY.  
No Special Skills or Qualifications needed
Admob is an advertisement Network owned by Google LLC. It’s primary function is to help businesses with advertising and publicity related services. Admob works closely with Owners of mobile applications; hence the opportunity to Own and earn with Your mobile Apps.
Admob provides a way for google to help app developers earn more money from their Apps.
Admob works by matching ads to your Mobile app based on the criteria you set in Your Admob Account.
These ads are created and paid for by advertisers/companies/businesses who want to promote their products or brand. 
In Essence Admob is a branch of Google which Pays You For Running ads on Your Mobile App. 

As a Mobile App Owner, Google pays You when You sign up to the Admob platform, Acquire an Account and Connect Your Personally Owned App(s) and allow/give permission for ads to be featured on the App(s) and displayed to the users interacting with such App.  This Process is Known as Mobile App Monetization. 

Payment is Instant and is made directly into Your Google Admob account each time the adverts displayed, are being  viewed or clicked by those interacting with the App. 

The earnings accrued in your Google Admob account are withdrawable into Your Local bank accounts or via Checque or Cash, on the 21st of every month.

Summarily, Big and small companies alike, Pay Google to run adverts for them.

Google as the no.1 tech giant in the world efficiently run these adverts by employing the services of app owners.

They feature these monetized ads on their individual apps and pay them commissions from the advertisement cost already tendered by the company they’re advertising for. 


Google, as we already know is the number 1 technology company in the world. Their advertisement arm is the most effective in the world therefore big and small companies alike pay Google certain amounts of money to advertise for them between a certain agreed period of time. 

For instance, if Gucci  company pays Google $1m to advertise their product for 2 months, Google simply feature the ads on the Apps already registered by app owners on the Admob platform and pays out to the app owners, certain commissions depending on the extent to which the ads are interacted with on their apps.

So imagine how many companies like Gucci go to Google for adverts business deals.  You’ll agree with me that they’re capable of paying out for as long as their advertisement arm subsists.

The amount of money you get to earn from any app Monetized with Admob Can not be precisely stated.

There are factors which determine and Impact Your earnings. E.g location of the adverts seen

The type of ads seen

The class of ads seen

and the Total influx of audience seeing and clicking on these adverts displayed.

However, an app developed by our platform is usually one embedded with a basic functionality and as such sophisticated to a reasonable extent as to attract wide usage and engagement..

Hence You can validly earn between the range of $10 – $40 every day from active engagement.

No You Don’t. 

Now, you need to digest the a simple fact.

As an app owner, you’re eligible to advertise Google ads with your advertisement tool and earn on the 21st of every month directly into your local bank account. Therefore whether or not you have your app uploaded on the Google play store, google admob pays you whenever someone interacts with your app and get to see or click on an advertisement displayed.

Google play store Only help you advertise your App to more people and is not necessary, if you have other guaranteed means of engaging an audience with your app. 

However, with your app on the Google play store; the platform helps suggest your app to more audience so your app gets more interactions which equals more earnings.


App development takes time depending on the sophisticated nature of the app to be developed and the working schedule of the developer handling the job.

Before an app is fully developed, there are tools (plugins/extensions) required to be purchased and used in integrating the functionalities of the app by the developer; who also writes the codes of the app before completing the total app programme and linking the app up with an Admob account using the admob account ads unit ID to allow google feature monetized ads on the app when in use.

Real time app development takes a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 7 days to get done with.

Our Services are Swift like the Speed of light. At best, we deliver Within 8 hours. 



App development varies in cost and this is because of the difference in various app functionalities.

Some apps are more sophisticated than the other so definitely would cost more for development.

You can get an app developed by our platform between the range of $35 – $3000

The cost depends on the sophisticated nature of the app you choose to have developed For You.

Note that the Price of your App has no relationship with the Amount of revenue you’ll generate from its ads monetization. 

You’ll receive Active App Usage from our cloud Play store in order to generate the said $10 daily.
Our Platform runs a cloud App Store which holds All the Mobile Apps Of Our Clients.
At the same time, we run a Pool of Active App users who receive reward for engaging with Apps on our Store. 
Once your App gets featured On Our play store, You are assured of Minimal Active App Usage. 
Yes. You offer a one time payment for your app necessities to be purchased.
Whether you’re having an IOS or android operating system app developed, Your cost is a one time payment.

Ordinarily, Admob account bans come about as a result of non compliance with relevant Google admob advertising policies.
You won’t get banned, using the standard functional mobile application that’ll be developed for you on our platform.
This is because, before you can validly earn and withdraw your earnings from Google admob, your advertisement tool/mobile app requires a basic functionality to be recognized as valid.
The app shouldn’t be one that does nothing but display adverts as google robotics eventually track down the invalid traffic coming in from such app. 
So with the integration of sophisticated up to date functionalities on our apps, the issue of an account ban is impossible, working with an advertisement tool developed by our platform.
Our services are 100% refund guaranteed in case of a deeming unsatisfactory customer service. This we offer our clients in order to maintain fair and trustworthy business dealings. This right expires after a period of 30 days or If /When all Deliverables are met by Us.  
Selfclicking is an ACT or ACTION..
It is something you do.
In Plain Words, Selfclicking is the act of Clicking on Your Owns ads by Yourself. It is the act of clicking ads that are served from the google advertisement network by the Owner of the app.
Ordinarily, When You Own a Mobile App, You are supposed to make it available for more people to access it.
By so doing, lots of ads will be viewed or clicked through your app and in turn, revenue generates into your Admob account. 
What Selfclicking practically means that instead of Making your app just publicly available, you instead go on to click on the ads served, by yourself. This can generate a whole lot of Money anywhere 
From $100 to $500.per day or even more. 
However, Self clicking is illegal and against Google terms and Policy of use and may lead to a termination of your Admob account

Own a Fully Custom made Monetized Mobile App

Let Our Pro Developers Build You a Fully Custom made and Sophisticated Mobile App which would be monetized with Google Admob ada and Uploaded to the Google Play store. 

Earn a Lifetime Revenue From Google Admob Ads Servings

Once Your App is Live, Get Paid directly into Your Google Admob Account each time your App is in Active Usage. Payments are Further moved into your Local Bank Account on the 21st of Every Month by Google. 

Earn More With Mobile Apps.

Get Started Today With a Functional Mobile Game or Utility App, Monetized With Google Admob Ads and Uploaded to the Google Play store. Lift Your Revenue Today with a Safe and Secure Investment in Mobile Apps.