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The Main aim of this Course is to Educate participants Worldwide on How Cryptocurrency Works and How to Profit from trading it. This is however not a Pro Course.

Developed Nations Such as China, USA and Russia as well as Multi billion dollar Corporations of the world such as Google Amazon Facebook, MasterCard and Even Apple, are now at the Forefront of the Bitcoin and Cryotocurrency race. This isn’t surprising at all, as ants love to dance where the Sugar is.

If You have no Idea What Cryptocurrency is and How it Functions then You Might be Left behind in the Next Few Years to Come. The Next Few Years Would launch the New World Order and Everything Will Change.

What is Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ?

Cryptocurrency is Digital Form of Money which is Gradually taking Over the World and In less than no time from now, the Whole world would be transacting in Cryptocurrency.

On the Other hand, Bitcoin is a type of Cryptocurrency and it is indeed the first of its Kind and the Most Popular and Widely Accepted Crypto at the Moment. The Major available Crypto coins On the Market are Bitcoin, Etherium, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. While Bitcoin is the Main Coin, Other Coins are referred to as Altcoins.

Why is there So Much attention and Interest around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ?

Anything which is relatively new, Innovative and Creative, usually generates a lot of Interest and attention. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technology is relatively new to us and you will agree that the idea behind digital Money is very innovative and creative. Hence, the growing attention and interest behind Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technology.

Most Importantly, there is a Big Financial Opportunity behind bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This is so because not a lot of people Know about it and it is in it’s early adoption Stage.

This Financial Opportunity is embedded in What We Call Cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto trading is the act of Buying and Selling Cryptocurrency either for Fiat or Local Currency or against one Crypto and another, all in a bid to max out Profit.

Cryptocurrency Trading is Different From Forex Trading as You’ll see Later.

This Might be a bit too technical to Understand especially for those with no Crypto or trading background but With time, You follow our Crypto Update and definitely get to Understand.

In summary, crypto trading is a Process whereby Crypto is bought or Sold for Cash with an intention of Making Profit either in Crypto or Cash.

We Can See that Cryptocurrency has been around for not so long and it has already created such huge Impact and Opportunities.

This Shows the great Potentials behind it and that is Why OAEM has designed a Special Full and Continuously Updating Course to help you Get started On Your Journey Into the World of Cryptocurrency as Well as Equip you with Skills necessary to trade and Profit up to 40% Returns off The Crypto Market. 

The Full Course is Divided into two Main Parts.

Part One, being Introduction to Crypto and Part Two being Pro Trading Drills. 

In Our Subsequent Update, we Would take an in dept analysis into This whole field of Crypto as Well as Look at the Various types of Crypto coins and their differences. We Would Also discuss crypto trading and the Various Methods of Trading Available.

The Program has a Lot In stock for Crypto Lovers and Enthusiast.

This Course Is Divided Into Two Main Parts.

The First Part Of this Course Has to Do With General Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. Here, You’ll Learn How Bitcoin Works as well as Other Crypto coins. This Part will set you on a Good start into the World of Cryptocurrency. This Part Is Free and Will be Made Available Publicly in the Academy and In Sent to your Email if you Wish. 

The Second Part of this Course has to do With Trading Of all Forms of  Cryptocurrency. Here, You’ll be taught On how to effectively trade using All the Available trade techniques including that technique used by Our In house trades to Make Up to 40% Profit from each Crypto trade being carried out.  This Part is Paid for and it Cost $50

As a Participant of this Course, You’ll be Exposed to How Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Works, as Well as become aware of the numerous financial Opportunities behind it.

Part One Is an Introductory Course into the World of Cryptocurrency.

Part Two is an Introduction and Mastery of The Act of trading Cryptocurrency and and Additional Skill which will enable You make up to 40% Profit Per trade. 

You will learn how to trade and make Profit regardless of the Market Price of each coin and whether the Market is going Up or down. 




There are Millions of Crypto tutorials and Courses Out there on the Internet.

The main Difference between Our Course and the Courses out there is that While Other courses  Only introduce you to the world of Crypto, Ours Not only introduces you to the world of Crypto  but also teaches You how to Trade On the Market and Profit up to 40% from every Single grade You carry Out and with Zero Risk. 



Information is Free and as Such OAEM will always Share Valuable Digital Financial Information. Hence the Introductory part of the Course Is Free. 

The Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Part of this Course is Paid for and it Cost 25,000 ($50)

The Course Is Automated. You Can Learn at Your Own Pace. Any where and Anytime. 

Yes We Have a Crypto Investment Plan Which runs in Cycles of 24 to 48 Hours and Offers a Standard 10% ROI.

Your Cash Investments are not spent on buying anything Whatsoever. Rather it is being converted Into Cryptocurrency then re converted from One Crypto to another and then back into Cash. That’s how the Profit is Made. 

Most importantly, Our trade techniques do not rely on the rise and Fall of crypto Market Price in order to make Our Profit.

You Can then see for Yourself that there is Zero risk involved and 100% guarantee of Profit. 

Enrollment For The First Part of the Course is free and Open to all. Simply Create a Free Account on the platform and Access the Course through the Cryptocurrency Category.

To get Access to the Pro Crypto trading Part of the Course, Click here. It comes at a Premium of 25,000 ($60) 

If We Do Not Deliver what We Propose, you have the right to request for your money. However we will Deliver just as we have Said. 

Find Out How Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Works and Learn How to Trade Successfully.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency is the Next Big thing of the Future and it is here to Stay For a Really Long While. It is Making Waves Currently and breaking grounds. Now is the best time to get involved else you just might be Left Out in The future.