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Own App, Earn Money is an Asset Development and Management Agency which Deals Mainly on Advertising and Software Investments. The Main aim of this Platform is to Enable People Worldwide generate Daily Income Online Mainly Via the Google Ads System.


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Every Member of Our Community Has Unlimited Access to Earn From the Google Ads System Whether Personally Or Collectively. You Do Not Need Any Technical Skills or Special Equipment. You Can Earn From Google Without an App, Website or Youtube Channel. 


Daily Passive Income

Earn Passive Income everyday from google Admob and Adsense for Life, Once Your Mobile App is set Up and Monetized with Ads servings.



Our Services

Advanced Web & App Dev

High Tech and Sophisticated Mobile Games and Utility web & App Development. Quality Graphics and Ui/UX

Digital Asset Hub

Acquire an Income Generating Digital Asset which requires no maintenance or attention to generate income. 

Super Fast Earnings

Get Set Up within 6 Hours  and Start Earning Directly Into Your Google Admob Account. 

Online Support/Assist

24/7 Online Support for set Up, Complaints or otherwise. No Closing Hours. Get Set Up even at Mid-Night. 

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